phpBB Development

phpBB is an open source online forum package developed using PHP/MySQL. phpBB is an abbreviated form for PHP bulletin board. phpBB is flexible and feature rich, it allows administrators and webmasters to create infinite forums, categories, users, user groups, and moderators having different access rights to the forum. phpBB was first released in 2001, currently phpBB3 is used for development and customization of bulletin board applications.
phpBB customization at Opensoft includes forum integration and forum layout customization, in which phpBB forums design is customized as per clients website. Qualitative, elegant and user-friendly forums are delivered by Opensoft to clients at low cost.
phpBB customization services offered by Opensoft are:
* phpBB customization
* phpBB development
* phpBB forum integration
* phpBB template development
* phpBB website and forum maintenance
Our phpBB development services also include module development and template development. Our vast experience in open source development helps us to deliver client specific phpBB forum integration. Security and access rights are one of the major areas taken care of during phpBB development. MySQL, SQL server, PostgreSQL are some of the databases used by Opensoft for phpBB customization.
Opensoft also offers phpBB forum and website maintenance. We know that developing a good application is not enough, but the main part is of maintenance, to keep website up and running. Efficiently maintaining database, avoiding spam messages on forums, and enhancing security features are some of the phpBB maintenance services provided at Opensoft.