Vtiger Development

Opensoft offers splendid Vtiger development solutions. Vtiger was forked from SugarCRM with the intentions of creating a fully open source CRM application with functionality that of SugarCRM itself. At Opensoft we build good customer portals that are profitable for the company to not only retain the current customer profile, but also gather in potential and new ones. Vtiger is a widely used CRM product, and because of its full open source qualities, Vtiger CRM has a vibrant community of users that drives it forward and contributes to its development.
Vtiger provides a complete set of CRM capabilities such as:
* Customer service and support
* Sales force automation
* Marketing automation
* Activity management
* Inventory management
* Security management
* E-mail integration
* Calendaring
* RSS feed subscription
* PDF document generation
Opensoft provides flexible extensibility through our Vtiger CRM customization to meet your business needs and customizes personalized features in it. Our Vtiger CRM development team is capable of adding custom functions to existing CRM systems. We have provided Vtiger CRM development services for customizing business productivity enhancing add-ons, customer portals, outlook plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook users, office plug-in for Microsoft Office users, and thunderbird extension for Mozilla Thunderbird mail users.
Vtiger is built on LAMP stack with codes from highly successful SugarCRM. We have a core Vtiger development team that utilizes the LAMP framework well to build mighty powerful Vtiger CRM products. Our Vtiger customization team comes up with innovative ideas that bring productivity in your business, exactly what you wish. Moreover, our Vtiger CRM development services offer multiple database support, hence whatever your current database be we integrate new CRM system to it.
How can Vtiger CRM development help your business ?
* Vtiger CRM streamlines business interactions with customers to maximize sales and improve customer service
* Vtiger CRM provides excellent leads management features that assign ownership and fluently manage sales pipeline
* Vtiger CRM efficiently drives sales productivity by managing customer profiles, accounts, contacts, and recognizing opportunities in potential customers
* Vtiger CRM gives a full picture to the sales team that helps in organizing activities and follow-ups, and improving overall performance
* Vtiger CRM streamlines your sales engizne and hence increases your business
* Vtiger helps in managing your marketing campaigns and brings innovation to your ideas
* Vtiger customization helps in running personalized mass email campaigns on your subset of customer contact database and track the campaign effectiveness with ease
* Vtiger tracks inventory and targeted price books. It generates quotes, sales orders, and invoices, managing the overall sales processing and fulfillment
* Vtiger CRM monitors customer service levels and ensures follow-ups. Vtiger customization provides customer self-service portal
* You get drill-down dashboards that generate reports to give you an instant picture of your business